Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to us Castelete’s. We like to feel energised and vibrant. And flavoursome natural foods, made using quality ingredients, play a vital part in that.

The best tasting food often comes from exploring ideas and experimenting in your own kitchen. That’s how our honey-jam and chocolate honey recipes were born. Full of natural ingredients and fruits we think they taste great, and because we love them we wanted to share them, so you can taste good vibes too!

We take great care and pride in producing our honey foods. So, whether it’s spreading over a piece of beautifully baked bread or drizzling over some wholesome porridge, we hope you enjoy the taste as much as we do.

Kelly and Mike Castelete

Close to our heart


Recognising the serious threat to bees and the part they play in our ecosystem we began beekeeping in 2014. What started out as a hobby soon grew into desire to have more hives and, with our mentor Jeff, we take care of a number of hives locally.

Honeybees not only pollinate local crops and wildflowers, but much of the produce we consume relies on pollinators – coffee, wine, cocoa, cashew nuts, onions, apples, lemons, limes, courgettes, melons, the list goes on.

The honey from our bees is raw, giving you the finest quality and taste.

Home cooking

Keeping a family of five happy, energised and healthy requires creativity in the kitchen. Though being creative doesn’t mean being complex. Whether cooking or baking it’s the simple and easy recipes that go down well in the Castelete household.

Some of our ‘family faves’ can be found here.


When we’re not in the kitchen coming up with new recipes you’ll find us outside exploring. Whether it’s a local mountain bike trail at Wakerley Woods or a road ride with our local club in Kettering, cycling has become a big part of our family.

Cycling keeps us fit but we also need the energy to cycle. Feeling uninspired by the lack of tasty natural foods available we created Vélojam®, a honey-jam full of flavour and natural ingredients designed to spruce up a pre-ride or in-ride snack.

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